January 27, 2023

What does Heimdall see in Thor’s eyes in God of War Ragnarok

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What does Heimdall see in Thor's eyes in God of War Ragnarok

What does Heimdall see in Thor's eyes in God of War Ragnarok

During the mission “Runaway” in the main storyline “The Road” in God of War Ragnarok, Atreus climbed to the top of the Hrimtur Wall and met Heimdall, the Guardian of the Gods, at the top. Heimdall distrusts Atreus (who calls himself Loki at this point) and throws him off the top of the wall, but Loki takes control and convinces Heimdall to take him to the Grand Lodge to meet Odin. But there, Heimdall just mocked and attacked Loki and was about to kill him when Thor intervened.

“Take one step, you won’t like how it ends,” Thor said in a fearful whisper.

will be like if he ignores Thor’s threats. Heimdall looks determined, calls Thor a “sick man” and walks back.

What does Heimdall see in Thor’s eyes?

While Heimdall can see into Thor’s soul, we can’t, and neither can anyone who’s played God of War Ragnarok. But we suspect that the game writers are following the “don’t show the monster” rule here, believing that what players come up with in their imaginations will be more cruel and terrifying than what Thor can describe in words. We assume that Heimdall saw Thor single-handedly execute the “Blood Eagle” on him (see, but only if you have a strong stomach).

Who is stronger? Thor or Heimdall?

The fact that Heimdall retreated when he saw that Thor was capable of dealing with him certainly indicates that Thor is stronger than Heimdall. Thor is certainly much bigger, and it’s fair to say he’s stronger than Heimdall. However, this does not mean that Thor will win the battle between them. As Loki discovered when trying to fight him, Heimdall’s powers of perception made him almost impossible to beat by any conventional means.

Why did Heimdall call Thor sick?

Only Thor and Heimdall know for sure why Heimdall calls Thor “sick“, but this is probably because the way Thor intends to stop Heimdall is cruel, sad, and extremely disgusting. This line also shows that Heimdall sees himself as more sophisticated and superior than Thor, whom he sees as nothing more than a barbarian and a coward.

Can Heimdall see the future?

In Norse mythology, the god Heimdall is truly known for his incredible power of perception, including precognition. Although his ability to see the future is not absolutely necessary. In God of War Ragnarok, Heimdall can see the souls of others through their eyes and read their intentions. That’s why he didn’t trust Loki, who really intended to betray Odin, and why he refused when he saw what Thor was going to do to him.

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