March 23, 2023


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Nutritionists agree that it is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast allows you to fill up on energy to start off on the right foot. In this area, there is no shortage of good addresses in Paris.

There are the classic butter and jam sandwiches, but not only. Omelette, pancakes, granola, pastries… there are dozens of ways to have breakfast and treat yourself from the early hours of the day.

1 – The most Franco-Russian: Kousmichoff coffee

You have to cross the shop and go up to the first floor. It is there, in a chic decor, with parquet floors and draped curtains that frame the windows, that you can come and start your day. This annex of the tea chain Kusmi Tea offers different breakfast formulas, with prices varying from 11 to 36 euros. On the menu: pressed citrus juices, pastries, scrambled eggs, blinis covered with smoked salmon, cottage cheese topped with red fruit coulis… All with a hot drink: coffee, chocolate, but above all teas from the house, from the Anastasia to BB Detox, via Sweet Love. Kusmi Tea, founded in Saint Petersburg in 1867, went into exile in Paris during the Revolution of 1917. If tea is not infused in samovars, Café Kousmichoff nevertheless claims its double heritage: the marble counter and the sixties tables and chairs are swathed in blue, white and red, the colors shared by the French flag and the Russian flag. Outside, a sun-drenched terrace is popular on sunny days.

2 – The most Germanic: Claus

Here, we don’t say breakfast, but frühstück. Report to the German origins of the founder of the place, Claus Estermann, who raised this temple of the first meal of the day with a Germanic tone. In the heart of Paris, the establishment stands out as a cozy and openwork refuge, with soft benches, white crockery, Bauhaus-inspired graphic tiles. The formulas, from 15 to 25 euros, combine homemade delicacies (cookies, scones, fruit tarts, pastries, etc.) and healthier snacks (granola, muesli). You can also order scrambled eggs or smoked salmon. Quality products to be washed down with detox juice, rice or oat milk or cocoa bean infusion. Launched in 2011, Claus opened his own grocery store just across the street a few months ago,

3 – The most “coffee shop”: Cream

They visited them in Berlin, Dublin, Amsterdam… But they were still rare in Paris. Eager to import the model of the small living coffee-shop, Max and Joe, two former members of Ten Belles, opened Cream in November 2014, immediately popular with neighborhood hipsters. You can go there to enjoy an espresso, a filter coffee, a cortado, a hazelnut or a cream, with its elegant cloud that outlines a heart on the surface. Cakes, cookies and homemade cereals meet toast for a sweet morning. The owners of Cream (so named in a nod to Prince’s tendentious song) wanted to make it “a place to live”, where everyone can come and hang out, chat, hang out, work, and not just swallow food. a line a coffee without a word and on the job. The decor, all in wood and metal, with, behind the bar, a large mirror displaying the menu (between 2 and 3 euros for a coffee), is made up of furniture signed by the trendy industrial designer Michael Moore. A turntable, a few green plants leave the impression of entering a familiar and benevolent place. A spot where you can arrive from 7:30 am and stay for the morning.

4 – The most organic: Café Pinson

The warm atmosphere makes you want to have breakfast without rushing. The decor, designed by the trendy interior designer Dorothée Meilichzon, combines sobriety and elegance: exposed stone walls, light parquet, retro graphic patterns, 1960s chairs and large slates. This establishment in the Marais, launched by Agathe Audouze, creator of the culinary advice site La Minute Papillon and passionate about naturopathy, opened a new annex in the 10th arrondissement last year. From 9 a.m., the wooden tables are covered with organic and healthy delights: granola with soy yogurt, madeleines, spread, jams and cream cheese with herbs to spread on fresh bread. On the drinks side, there are “minute-extracted juices”, freshly squeezed,

Café Pinson, 6, rue du Forez (3rd); 58, rue du Faubourg-Poissonnière (10th).

5 – The most Anglo-Saxon: Holybelly

Starry tiling on the floor, brick or glossy tile walls, wooden tables, pearl white circular ceiling lights… The space, sober and inviting, exudes a Scandinavian atmosphere. However, it is the Anglo-Saxon flavors that attract the favors of the menu. Holybelly, a narrow and relaxed haunt just a stone’s throw from the Saint-Martin canal and which is about to celebrate its second anniversary, is the project of two French people who have returned from Melbourne. Here, you can enjoy the essential eggs (fried or scrambled), accompanied by bacon, to start a great day. Homemade granola, vanilla cream cheese, seasonal fruits are also on the menu, alongside irresistible pancakes, served with whipped cream, hazelnuts and maple syrup. For those who prefer a more Parisian breakfast, Holybelly provides slices of Pain des amis (the flagship product of the neighboring fine bakery Du Pain et des idées), covered with homemade jams or Vegemite, the brewer’s yeast dough that Australians love. In zinc yellow mugs and saucers, freshly roasted espressos, lattes or cappuccinos are served. The bill displays between 15 and 20 euros for a delectable breakfast.

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