March 23, 2023


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The expression has no equivalent in French. Across the Atlantic, it is called “healthy food” or “green food”. This “healthy” culinary trend has exploded in ten years. It developed in response to junk food, these fatty, sweet, salty dishes, swallowed in quantity and on the go, which brought their share of side effects: obesity, diabetes, intolerances and food allergies…

Surfing on this “detox” trend, Paris offers more and more establishments where you can satiate yourself and do your body good. Organic, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegetarian, etc. Surfing on this “detox” trend, Paris offers more and more establishments where you can satiate yourself and do your body good. Organic, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegetarian, etc.

This is one of the new spots, pleasant and tasty, that vegetarians particularly like. Opened in June 2014 by Victoire d’Artemare, owner of the Belleville en Bio store , Hobbes offers “vegan” dishes, without meat or dairy products, tasty and adapted to the season. Assortments of vegetables and tofu, futomakis, lasagna … the menu is inventive. Chef Julie Bavant, trained with Alain Passard , is a specialist in the “green burger”, with her steak of mushrooms and soybeans, accompanied by sweet potato chips, salad and raw vegetables. On the sweet side, Hobbes – whose name refers to the tiger in Bill Watterson’s comic strip – stands out with an eponymous dessert, which looks quite like a cheesecake, but actually composed of cashew nut cream on a base of crushed dried fruit . The addition is around 15 euros. For the greediest, you have to go there on Thursday evening to enjoy a more elaborate single menu at 21 euros.

Sliced ​​ham, truffles, raw milk cheeses , a selection of teas, snails, flavored olive oil … There are a variety of products at the General Store which have two things in common: they are all 100% organic and of French origin . Founded in 2011 by Maud Zilnyk and Lucio Hornero , who had previously worked in fashion and events respectively, the establishment immediately found its clientele. It is made up of defenders of seasonal agriculture, who are also gourmets attached to the land. Oysters from Ile de Rédelight as much as the fruit juices from small producers, the anchovies or the sandwiches prepared on site. The products, not cheap but of high quality, are spread out on white displays, in a bright space. The success was such that it allowed the opening of a second delicatessen, in the 9th, last year.

It sits in the center of the room. The counter, where the dishes on offer are displayed, attracts attention. Plate of vegetables, crispy quinoa, carpaccio of beets, carrots, radishes and celery, chocolate and lemon mousse, pear-cardamom crumble …
At Café Pinson, the menu varies every day, depending on the season and the local products available . In this establishment in the Marais , which opened an annex in Pigalle in 2014 , the cuisine gives pride of place to organic food , often raw or very delicately cooked. Sprouted seeds, spirulina, matcha tea, kale… Lunch, washed down with a glass of organic wine, does not exceed 30 euros.Agathe Audouze , creator of the culinary advice site La Minute Papillon and passionate about naturopathy, opened this refined and healthy restaurant, where you feel good. The decoration, designed by the trendy interior designer Dorothée Meilichzon , combines sobriety and elegance: light parquet, retro graphic patterns, 1960s chairs and large slates.
The Café also organizes workshops on its premises, on Friday lunchtimes, for the curious who want to learn how to eat well, even at home.

He defines himself as a “greedy diabetic”. Christophe-Eugène Touchet designed the place, which has been open for three months, based on its
painful situation. How to have fun when it is forbidden to swallow sweet foods? He thus asked the talented chocolate pastry chef Luc Baudin to create, with the help of a dietician and a biologist , recipes without glucose. At Eugène, sweets are sweetened with agave syrup or made from cocoa with no added sugar . Choux pastry, made from lentil and chickpea flour , made the reputation of éclairs. If the address was designed for diabetics – there are about3 million today in France – it also appeals to those who seek to consume better. Half as sweet as elsewhere, the products from Eugène, prepared from semi-whole meal T80 flour known for its nourishing properties, are also three times richer in fibre.

We go in flat and come out reinvigorated. Bob’s Juice Bar is the juice bar launched by New Yorker Marc Grossman , proud owner of Bob’s Bake Shop and Bob’s Kitchen , a tea room and restaurant that offer healthy products and regularly cater during fashion shows. Parisian weeks. But in this narrow haunt of the 10th arrondissement, it’s for the drinks that you have to go: fruit smoothies like vegetable juice cocktails are worth the detour. Above all, you can taste the Bob’s Cold Press collection , cold-pressed and unpasteurized juices, hyper nourishing, recommended for a detox cure(7.50 euros per half-litre). For one to three days in a row, we alternate green juice (cucumber, fennel, apple, celery, kale, etc.), roots (carrot, cayenne pepper) and other mixtures, to regain energy and get rid of toxins accumulated by the body.
For the most motivated, this “juicing” cure is done without swallowing anything else. For the others, you can find tasty accompaniments on site: light sandwiches, pad Thai or fresh salads.

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