January 27, 2023

List of types of jacket materials and fabrics! How to choose according to the wearing scene is also explained

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List of types of jacket materials and fabrics! How to choose according to the wearing scene is also explained

List of types of jacket materials and fabrics! How to choose according to the wearing scene is also explained

First of all, we will introduce the types of representative materials that are often used for jackets, and how to choose them.

cotton (cotton)

Cotton is soft to the touch, breathable, and absorbent, and is often used in jackets for spring and summer, and is characterized by its dry comfort and soft texture.

It is often worn for casual occasions, but if you wear a neatly tailored jacket as a set up, it will be suitable for business occasions as well.

hemp (linen)

Breathable, absorbent, and hygroscopic, hemp has hard and firm fibers, so it is easy to wear and comfortable to wear without sticking to the skin.

It has a cool appearance, so it is often used for summer jackets, so it can be said that it is a material suitable for spring and summer.

On the other hand, it also has the characteristic of wrinkling easily. Ironing will make it look shiny, so you need to be careful about the temperature when applying the cloth.


Wool is a material made from sheep’s wool. A wool jacket that retains heat and absorbs moisture is comfortable to the touch and looks luxurious.

It is also elastic, wrinkle resistant, and does not lose its shape, making it suitable as a jacket for business occasions.

Depending on how the wool is spun and woven, the thickness and appearance of the fabric will change, and the appropriate season will also change.

In addition to jackets for spring/summer and autumn/winter, there are jackets for all seasons, so be aware of the season when choosing.


Polyester, a chemical fiber that is resistant to water and has excellent durability, is wrinkle-resistant and easy to care for. If it dries quickly, it won’t be sticky even if you sweat, and you can expect a smooth and comfortable wear.

One of the features is that there are many jackets that can be washed with water at home, and jackets with excellent functionality such as stretchability, sweat absorption and quick drying, and water repellency.

Types and selection of jacket fabric weaves

Jacket fabrics have different impressions depending on the type of weave.
From here, we will introduce the types of jacket fabrics and how to choose them.

plain weave

Plain weave is a weaving method in which one warp and one weft are crossed, making it easy to design lightweight and breathable fabrics, and is often used for spring and summer jacket fabrics.

Because the threads are crossed many times, it is characterized by a matte texture.

twill weave

Twill weave is a weaving method in which two warp and weft threads are interlaced. The twill pattern on the surface gives it a glossy look, making it suitable for jackets such as suits worn in business situations.

In addition, since it can be woven more densely than plain weave, it has the advantage of retaining heat and not wrinkling easily, but it also has the advantage of being heavy.

Zhu Zizhi

Satin weave is a weaving method in which 4 to 5 threads of either the warp or the weft are crossed. While making the crossing points as inconspicuous as possible, we weave so that only either the warp or the weft is visible.

Satin weave fabric is also called “satin” and is characterized by its smooth texture and strong luster. It is often used for jackets worn in formal occasions, such as tuxedos.

Types of weave patterns for jacket fabrics and how to choose them

Some jacket fabrics use a woven pattern that expresses the pattern depending on the weaving method.
We will introduce the types of weaving patterns that are mainly used and how to select them.


Herringbone has a woven pattern of alternating chevrons and reverse chevrons, resembling the bones of a herring. It is often used for suit jackets because it reflects light easily and has a glossy and luxurious feel.


A stripe is a pattern in which two or more different stripes are arranged in parallel, and there are types such as “pinstripe”, “chalk stripe”, “pencil stripe”, and “multistripe“.

Striped jackets generally have a more formal impression as the stripes become thinner, and a more casual impression as the stripes become thicker.

It is better to choose it when you want to wear a jacket casually, such as when going out on a holiday, rather than for business occasions.


Houndstooth (houndstooth lattice) is a classical lattice pattern with two-tone colors such as black and white and white brown.

It is named so because it looks like hound’s fangs (tooth) are lined up, or it looks like plovers are flying in a row.

The houndstooth jacket is made of an elegant and luxurious fabric that allows you to wear it like an adult.

The impression changes depending on the size of the pattern, so if you want to wear it for business occasions, we recommend a smaller pattern, and if you want to enjoy a unique style when you are out on the town, we recommend a larger pattern.

glen check

Glen Check is a checked fabric that combines houndstooth and hairline stripes.

The glen check jacket is perfect for office casual wear as well as town use because you can enjoy an elegant and mature look and classical fashion.

For a chic look, choose a dark color, and for a more active look, choose a bright color jacket.

window pen

The window pen is a plaid fabric with a large grid line like a window frame.

The window pen jacket has a soft atmosphere that is different from stripes, and it creates a fashionable look.

It gives off a rather casual impression, so when wearing it for business occasions, choose muted colors such as black, navy, and gray.

A popular brand that handles jackets made of materials and fabrics that are easy to mix and match

Here, we will introduce popular sports brands that handle jackets made of materials and fabrics that are easy to mix and match.
It is highly functional and made with a focus on comfort, so please use it as a reference when choosing a jacket.

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