January 27, 2023

A knee supporter filled with the commitment of Yuki Ishikawa, a volleyball player

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A knee supporter filled with the commitment of Yuki Ishikawa, a volleyball player

A knee supporter filled with the commitment of Yuki Ishikawa, a volleyball player

Ishikawa has also been particular about the tools he uses. Knee supporter is also one of the tools he cherishes. So why are knee supporters important to Ishikawa? I will tell you why.

“What I always focus on is to continue competing as an athlete for a long time. To do that, injury prevention is essential, and that is why knee supporters are such an important item. That’s why I can play well with a sense of security.In that sense, I think it’s important to stick to knee supporters.”

What are the basics of choosing a knee supporter that you want to know?

As Ishikawa says, choosing a knee supporter is important for players. So, what points should we pay attention to when choosing?

At first glance, it looks like a simple tool, but there are two main points to consider when choosing one. It is “with or without pad” and “length and shape of supporter”.

By selecting these according to your use and purpose, you will be able to play more comfortably. Below are some tips on how to choose.


From the point of view of injury prevention, a thick padding will give you a sense of security. If ease of movement is the most important thing, thin pads and padless ones are also effective.

In addition, the softness and ease of movement also change depending on the material of the pad. When purchasing, it may be a good idea to pay attention to the material.


Knee supporters come in a variety of types, from small ones that protect only the knees to pinpoints, to long types that cover the ankles and thighs. If you want a sense of security, we recommend a long supporter length.

Two things Ishikawa wanted to achieve with the new knee supporter

Ishikawa also wears knee supporters in his matches, but as he continues to improve the quality of his play, he has discovered points that he would like to improve on the knee supporters he uses.

And based on that thought, this joint development started.

So what was it that Ishikawa wanted to improve?

“There were two things I wanted to improve. One was to make the pad thicker to give a more secure feeling when playing. I wanted it to be easy.”

We have developed a new knee supporter to meet these two requirements. Descente’s development team and Mr. Ishikawa exchanged opinions while making it.

Ishikawa wears the one in the middle of production and checks the feel in detail. It was completed while reflecting that feedback.

Knee supporter jointly developed by Ishikawa

Introducing the completed knee supporter along with Ishikawa’s commitment

This knee supporter was made in this way. How is it improved from the previous one? I will introduce it with the comment of Ishikawa player.

Improvement 1: Thicker pads. In addition, ease of movement is maintained by using two types of materials.

The new knee support has a thicker pad than what Ishikawa had been using. However, if it is simply thickened, it may become stiff and difficult to move.

Therefore, we combined two types of pad materials: EVA, which has flexibility and elasticity, and urethane foam, which has excellent lightness and elasticity.

“We had a variety of pad materials and patterns prepared, and checked the actual feel.It has two layers, but one side is made of a soft material, so I got the impression that it maintains ease of movement.”

Improvement 2: Increase the length of the supporter by 5 cm to relax the tightness of the thighs.

Left: Conventional product, Right: New product

As a second improvement, the length of the supporter has been increased by +5 cm (up and down +2.5 cm) to ease the tightness.

By increasing the length, the tightening is distributed without being concentrated in one area. In addition, we also aim to prevent the supporter from slipping even if it is not tightened strongly.

“I tried on supporters of various lengths. If the size is longer than before, the tightness will be relaxed, but if it is too long, I feel that the thighs will feel uncomfortable. Among them, the most It was +5 cm that was easy to move.”

Ishikawa player who is satisfied with the finish. What do you want to convey through this product?

Ishikawa is already wearing new knee supporters. I asked him how he felt about the finish.

“I think it’s very good. I think that the increased sense of security in the pad allows me to concentrate more and make bold plays, such as when receiving. Also, even though the pad is thicker, I don’t feel it’s difficult to move. is not it.”

And about tightening, it was reduced by lengthening the supporter. It seems that I feel that it has become something that fulfills two requests.

In the future, there will surely be people who wear this knee supporter and work on volleyball.

Ishikawa will send a message to everyone who is involved in volleyball, saying, “I want you to feel the importance of being particular about tools,” through products that are filled with his own commitment.

“I think that everyone and I want to continue playing volleyball forever. I want you to pay attention to items.”

Choosing the right items for yourself and creating an environment where you can concentrate on playing is something you must remember in order to enjoy the competition for a long time.

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